Monday, September 13, 2004

London Calling

Hi all

Sorry for the long period between blogs - did try and write one last week but managed to lose the lot dammit! after 25 mins typing.

Having to think quite hard about what we have been up to since the last posting.

Hmmmmm - We have been staying with Tony for the last 2 weeks. Prior to that we were with Briddy in Bromley (South East London).

Each weekend has been full of activities, as is fitting. Our first real big adventure was the Notting Hill Carnival - over a million people visiting one suburb in two days. Forgot the camera but did manage a few shots with my phone of the teeming crowds. Quite overwhelming, at least until we had had a few beers. Had our first outstanding meal in London too- Jerk Chicken bought from a street stall at the carnival. Absolutely fab and tasty.

The weekend we went to Notting Hill we also trekked across town to Crystal Palace (quite a distance actually) to a party with some friends of Tony's. Had a great time and got to meet a few locals as well. The mini cab ride was interesting as well. The poor driver had to stop and check his map a few times as Crystal Palace was seriously outside his usual area. Thank god we agreed on a price beforehand.

Weeks have been full with work mostly, plus a bit of going to pubs as well . And there are sooooo many of those. Good ones so far have been the Coal Hole on Strand, The White Horse in Parson's Green and the Bedford in Balham (which will now be our local).

After a few terse faxes, I finally got a response from the property owners and had it confirmed that we were accepted as tenants for the Balham flat. So we move in next weekend - and we can't wait. Living out of backpacks (and working in a corporate environment) sucks!

Other things that we have done......
Ate greasy chinese and drank heaps of booze with Tony's flatties, Tracy and Rich; Went to the Tamara de Lempicka exhibition at the Royal Gallery: saw the movie Dodgeball (still yet to go to the Motorcycle Diaries); braved Ikea on a Sunday afternoon (1000 shoppers all trying to exit the store at one time through around 35 checkouts); managed to arrive 1 and a half hours late to a lunch with all the cousins to farewell Mark (braving 30+ degree heat to do so) - welcome to the London transport system; saw Bob Geldolf on the street in Sloane Sq while I waited on a bus; had a fab organic picnic with Ngaere and Rebecca and baby Jimmy; had a drink at a pub that Nigella and Charles visit - apparently (bit of a topical ref for you foodies out there).

Well its a bit brief but it does let you know a little of what we have been up to lately. I must go - we have a train to catch and if we miss it then it is another hour until the next one.

Ciao bella

Mel and Phil