Saturday, October 14, 2006

Setting my soul to music

Tonight I'm sitting in the house alone, listening to some superb but melancholic music - some songs I have found myself, some have been contributed by others at various points along the line (thanks guys!). So far it's been a bit of Manu Chao and Nitin Sawhney. Though I admit I started off with Paul Oakenfold and Madonna. I guess as my time here in London comes to a close, I've been thinking about my connections with people, place and home. It's weird to think that some of the people that I have met and made friends with here I may never see again, the UK is so far away from little ol' NZ. I've had my ups and downs (particularly in London's famous winters) but the time here has made such a HUGE effect on my life, I'm never going to forget it, good or bad. The pull of home has become too strong though. A collegue at work told me that she would be heading to NZ in a couple of months for a holiday (after some muck ups with travel arrangements) - and I got soooo excited - there were so many great places that I can send her and her partner off towards...and to think - I'll be back there soon! Britain and Europe have some amazing sights (some of which I have seen, some I have not) but I miss home. I miss driving the long straight roads, the view from Christchurch to the mountains on a cold winters day, the view of Wellington harbour on a stormy day from Roseneath, being bitten by sandflys, going out on a Friday night, and most of all I miss my old friends and family. Guys - I'll be home soon....

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Angel of the North

I managed to get this shot out of the bus window as we headed past on our way out of Newcastle. So my other objective has been realised, yay!

An uneventful trip back, and 5 days later, no pain or stiffness (I did have a nice massage on Tuesday morning - thanks Hans).

I'm going along to Run London on Sunday, but only as bag lady for my fellow Clapham Runners - though I could easily do a 10k run at present (at least that's what I feel like).

Monday, October 02, 2006

Great North Run, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1 Oct 2006

Been there

Done that

Got the t-shirt

2hours 26mins

Photos coming soon!

(Unfortunately we have missed seeing the Angel of the North today as it took so long to get back to Newcastle from South Shields this afternoon - which was the only other thing I really really wanted to see here). Have had great fish & chips though. Oo ooo ooo and we had the BEST chinese meal last night in Newcastle's Chinatown too (but blew our food budget - hmmmm Drunken Chicken)....