Friday, September 18, 2009

Wow! has it been a year already?

No, not quite a year since I last posted, but instead it's been almost a year since I stood up in the science library, felt a wee 'pop' and all hell broke loose. What a steep learning curve - after that first unreal month spent in the hospital, to coming home to that 'oh-my-god-whatinthehelldoIdonow?' feeling. Well what have I done in the intervening year?

- given birth (well DUH!) and become a mum as a result - not perhaps the experience that I hoped it would but, but as awesome as it could be in the circumstances

- been introduced to REAL sleep deprivation (there's a reason it's used as a torture technique, that's for sure)

- successfully breastfed, thanks to the wonderful support of the NICU nurses and lactation consultants at Dunedin Hospital

- became way more intimate than I ever thought possible with poo, wee and other bodily excretions

- watched a tiny (they really are! gosh I was visiting my cousin with her 1-2 month old who was twice the size of Moe at birth and all I could think was, 'OMG he's so little!'), inert bundle develop into my current crawling dynamo cool dude of a son

- managed to use cloth nappies most of the time

- gone back to university and managed to maintain reasonably good grades

- gone back to work (part time student job, good money, hours that suit, choice!)

- sold my old house, bought a new one, moved

- watched my husband step up and excel as a daddy (thanks babe!)

- got my cooking mojo back (yay!)

- had a few glasses of wine here and there

- made some awesome new buddies in the outside and online world (you know you are guys, thanks!)

- produced a son that has the same impeccable sense of timing as his mum (chicken pox for your first birthday, anyone?)

- became, I think, a much more chilled out and accepting person than I was before I became a mummy, wow what a learning experience this is turning out to be.

Whew! That's all I can think of right now...okay what shall it be for the next year then.... any ideas?