Monday, July 14, 2008

25 weeks and counting....

Yup I'm getting big now.... on the whole have been feeling a lot better than I did in the first trimester, but definitely get tired easy! Not as fast on my pins either (and I have a fabulous waddle going on too lol). Add to that a niggling sore muscle on one side of my groin/inner thigh that won't get better. Might try some panadol before bed tonight to see if it helps.

We finished tidying the study/nursery and spare room/study in the weekend finally, so will be able to put some before/after photos up soon. The cot arrives tomorrow (hopefully) and I scored a change table as well off trade me again over the weekend. So we are just about sorted in the furniture department. The wriggling does feel strange, and I still find it a bit hard to actually connect those scan photos with the activity going on in my belly. I am starting to look forward to meeting Baby A when he/she appears outside of my body though (that's my impatient side showing). I better knuckle down - there's a whole semester to go before then!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hmmmm - keeping peace with the neighbours (or not)?

So for some time now, one of the new next door neighbour's has been leaving their place at 5.30am. I know this, because to do this they turn on an external light, that shines directly into our bedroom due to those charming decorative side windows you get in 1930's houses (you know the ones, either side of fireplaces?).  This is despite there being (I understand) sensor lights fitted on the outside of the house.  Because they've left, the light stays on until 7.30ish or when someone else gets up and thinks to turn it off.

The question is.... do I go over and ask that they stop turning it on?  Is this reasonable? I think it only annoys me so much at the moment because I'm up during the night more often, and its such.a.bright.light. which makes it hard to get back to sleep (and we have covered up one of the windows with a towel, but you have to take that down every day cause the window gets moldy, and it would be $400 for blinds, and the light also shines directly into what will be the baby's room...)

Added bonus this morning - roadworkers starting at 6.30-7am outside our place.  Super good, cause I'm up 5 times a night anyway at the moment peeing.  The crisp clear morning air carries the beep when the trucks back up particularly well :). They're still there - repairing the damaged section of road that appeared after the heavy rain in the weekend....
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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Back to skool...

Tonight Phil and I went to our first ante-natal class, yay! Run by the Dunedin Parent's Centre, I get the feeling that it will be well useful. And we have a great group - all due within a month of each other of course, but most of us around the same age as well.

Tonight was mostly about getting to know each other, but we did do a wee exercise at the end where the boys and girls went into separate rooms and filled out a big piece of paper about the physical, emotional and lifestyle changes we are going through...

No prizes for guessing what came first on the boys list ;)