Friday, April 10, 2009


Sorry for the time since the last post - and i'm that finally getting off the couch merely to assault your ears with complaints about the inconveniences of driving New Zealand roads. Before I complain though, I must concur that SH1 between Dunedin and Chch has improved immensely with the addition of it seems like 50 odd passing lanes and a lot of road straightening in the past 10 years. However -
- whats up with the a$$hole sitting on my bumper when I was 3rd car behind a slow horse float, talking into his mobile phone while we were travelling at 100km an hour?
- why is it that truck drivers now have sorted their headlamps so that you aren't constantly dazzled by the oncoming traffic when driving in the dark, yet SUV drivers have stepped into the fold - I swear there were times I flicked my lights at people and they flicked theirs to show that, in fact, their lights were DIPPED!?!
- McDonalds - a family restaurant - ha! Try breast feeding in their 'comfortable' booths where there is only just enough space to squish yourself in and the baby on your lap, and teenage boys in the next booth laughing and hitting the walls rhythmically.

Rightho! - that is all... (More cute baby photos to come)